To Report Or Not To Report? That Should Never Be The Question

In the realm of marine casualties and incidents, each case has its own set of facts, cast of mariners and vessels involved and, frequently, sharp differences of opinion regarding same.  The one common denominator of most marine casualties, however, is the requirement to report them to the U.S. Coast Guard (U.S.C.G.). While what defines a marine casualty is often in the eyes of the beholder/ mari.

Rolling On The River: A Towboat Pilot’s Bridge Encounter

Professional mariners in all sectors of the diverse industry confront a myriad of challenges and hazards as they perform their daily duties.  From piloting ocean-going ships into congested harbors and safely docking them, to navigating passenger vessels through harbors and rivers loaded with other commercial vessels and recreational craft and everything in between, U.S.C.G. licensed officers lite...