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Little-Known Coast Guard Procedure Permits Extension Of One Year Grace Period For License Renewal

Constructive Refusal To Submit Hair Sample Test Brings Deviation In Coast Guard Suspension Protocol

I Didn’t Know Where To Go For My Drug Test

OK, Coast Guard - Prove I’m A User

Coast Guard To Raise Casualty Reporting Thresholds

Just What Does It Take To Get Equal Access To Justice?

The Rule Of Continuing Jurisdiction – A Case Of First Impression

Death Of A Mariner During The Pendancy Of A Coast Guard-Filed Appeal – Another Case Of First Impression

Three Strikes And You’re Out – For The Coast Guard

Close But No Cigar: An Unusual, And Almost Successful, “Battle Of The Experts” In An ALJ Case

Feeling Very Strongly About It Both Ways: Just What Makes A Dangerous Drug Dangerous, Anyway?

Coast Guard Clarifies Reporting Requirements in NVIC 01-15

Further Thoughts On Defense Of Drug Cases: More Practical Case Notes

Coast Guard’s Pro Bono Program Leaves Serious Questions Unanswered

Commandant Affirms Another Drug-Related Dismissal On Procedural Grounds

Administrative Clemency: The Mariner’s Last, Last Chance

A Revocation On Crack

Beware Of Coast Guard Investigations

Coast Guard Modifies Medical Waivers For Mariners With ICD’s

Pilot John Cota Sues Coast Guard Over Refusal To Return License

NTSB Overturns Commandant On Imposition Of Excessive Sanctions

Two Recent Developments In Medical Waiver Application Proceedings

Assault On The Citadel: Recent Hopeful Developments in Coast Guard Handling Of Medical Waivers Requests

Just How Random Do You Have To Be, Anyway ? (The Vice Commandant Remands A GC Drug Complaint)

USCG Marine Casualty Investigations And The Role Of The “Party In Interest”

NTSB Finds Pilot Fatigue And Lack Of Coordination At Fault In Sabine River Collision

Overview Of D.O.T. Drug And Alcohol Testing Regulations  And Helpful Commandant And ALJ Rulings

The Coast Guard’s Black Swan Drug Case 

Hail To The Chief!

Reefer Madness: Scandal-Triggering Pot Case Finally Snuffed

From The Desk of Judge Jeffie J. Massey

Properly Preserving Claims Of Bias Before A Coast Guard ALJ

Reports Of Coast Guard ALJ Appointment Raise Widespread Concern

Coast Guard Watch

Cosco Busan Lessons Learned

Coast Guard Regulatory Changes

Vice Commandant Appeal Decisions Of Interest: Shine

What Constitutes Timely Reporting To The Coast Guard?

Two Month Jail Sentence For Falsifying License Application

Vice Commandant Appeal Decision: Walker

Recovery Of Attorneys’ Fees In ALJ Actions

Properly Preserving Claims Of Bias Against The ALJ

Vice Commandant Appeal Decisions: McCarthy & Dresser

Vice Commandant Appeal Decisions: Wain, Boudreaux & Marshall