MOPS for Federal Pilots

Federal pilots working in and around U.S. ports navigate crowded waters that present serious risks, including:

  • Collisions with vessels such as tankers, ferries and pleasure boats
  • Groundings caused by shifting tides and shoaling
  • Allisions with docks, docked ships and shoreside equipment

Collisions, allisions and groundings can open the door to licensecivil and even criminal charges, making the comprehensive protection available through MOPS all the more valuable.

“I have ‘peace of mind’ knowing that I have MOPS on standby. Thanks.”
––Docking Master, Tacoma, WA

MOPS in Action

While serving as a docking pilot on a containership transiting seaward, the MOPS policyholder experienced rapidly deteriorating fog conditions at about the same time a workboat with barges in tow was heading inbound on the same river. In discussing meeting arrangements by radio, the docking pilot requested the captain of the towboat to meet and pass port-to-port. As the two vessels got closer and the fog became denser, the lookout onboard the containership spotted the towboat and reported that a collision appeared imminent. Despite evasive maneuvers the two vessels collided with both sustaining significant damage.

A MOPS attorney was assigned to the docking pilot and accompanied him to U.S.C.G. and pilot commission hearings.

Total value of license defense services provided: $14,850.