Chutes and Ladders

Two Important USCG Marine Safety Alerts
To Take Note Of

The USCG recently issued two Marine Safety Alerts in an effort to protect mariners from repeating tragic history.

High water risks on the Mississippi River has led the USCG in New Orleans to issue Safety Alert 03-19, which warns towboat operators about the extremely strong currents that, in three separate marine casualties, caused each vessel to sink as a result of being pinned in the current. Tragically, one of these incidents resulted in a fatality.

The other alert, USCG Safety Alert 14-18, reminds mariners of the critical importance to always check for any potential gangway and ladder hazards...and to report them immediately. This alert comes on the heels of the investigation into the ship pilot who was killed when the gangway he was on collapsed at the Port of Corpus Christi last June.

It is quite understandable, amid the seemingly endless demands on our time and attention, to see how caution can unintentionally take a back seat at times…all too often with tragic consequences. By taking the time to review these Safety Alerts and following the safety measures presented in them, you can help prevent another incident at sea.

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