Amateur Drone Pilot Lands on Deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth Undetected

It is a £3bn state-of-the-art investment, commissioned to reassert Britain’s supremacy on the high seas...

.... but is struggling to keep this title, as an amateur enthusiast managed to land a £300 drone on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth - without anyone raising the alarm!

The drone user had managed to fly the drone past armed patrol boats before landing on the deck of the aircraft carrier. The pilot told reporters this week that he had been “amazed” how easy it had been to carry out the stunt.

Whilst the anonymous drone pilot appeared relaxed about his exploits, the disclosure has prompted concern among military and security experts.

HMS Queen Elizabeth infiltrated by drone user.

Lord West, a former First Sea Lord, said it was worrying because terrorist groups such as Islamic State had already used drones in the Middle East to launch bombs.

An MoD spokesperson said: “We take the security of HMS Queen Elizabeth very seriously. This incident has been reported to Police Scotland, an investigation is underway and we stepped up our security measures in light of it."

The Queen Elizabeth is expected to arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday, a day earlier than previously expected, after weather conditions had formerly prevented the exact date from being set.


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