MOPS Salutes America's Mariners

National Maritime Day, a day we honor all United States professional mariners for their contribution to America’s economic growth and national security, is observed on the anniversary of the first-ever steam powered transoceanic voyage by the American steamship Savannah back on May 22, 1819.

American mariners crew commercial vessels transporting close to one billion tons of cargo each year all over the U.S. They also provide support to industries that create nearly 500,000 jobs in the United States and bring in billions of dollars in labor wages each year, as well as being essential to the delivery of supplies to American offshore oil production and production facilities.

Our U.S. mariner workforce of captains, docking pilots, river pilots, mates, engineers, certified tankerman, etc. play a critical role in protecting our security – both within and outside the United States.

We are very proud to honor our dedicated mariners for all they do for our country.