U.S. Port Deepening - How Much is Each Port Getting?

Jacksonville Leads the Pack

After years of talk, the United States has finally decided to invest in some Port Deepening projects around the country.  

In order to begin deep draft navigation improvements, Jacksonville Port will receive $17.5 million. Will Northeast Florida attract larger ships as a result? That’s what the US Army Corps Work Plan Release is betting on. SCPA President Jim Newsome stated that Jacksonville Port would be the deepest harbor by the end of the decade with a depth of 52 feet.

The 2017 federal budget gives $1.934 billion for coastal and inland navigation projects. It also includes $642 million of additional discretionary funds for the corps to use for navigation work.

U.S. ports are about to receive a whole lot of government money. 

Meanwhile Jacksonville is not the only port in Florida to receive funds.... 

  • Tampa Harbor has received funds to begin and complete Big Bend Channel improvements to the tune of $9 million
  • On the other side of the country, $1.06 million has been allocated to build one of the biggest container ports in Oakland Harbor.
  • Galveston Navigation Channels in Houston was allocated $5 million.
  • Port Everglades will get $2.8 million for engineering and design work on a proposed $337 million project to deepen its 42-foot channel to 48 feet and widen channels to allow cargo ships to safely pass docked cruise ships.
  • Boston’s $18.2 million will allow larger containers at Conley Terminal at Massport. Read the full story here.
  • In the central U.S., Savannah Harbor will be able to complete an expansion project with the $42.7 million they have been allotted... although they could receive more funds under President Trump's proposal.

Wondering how this money got pushed through?  Read more about how companies such as ExxonMobil, BP, Sempra Energy, BG Group, Chevron, Koch Industries, and others all lobbied for H.R. 3080/S. 601.

With Tampa and Jacksonville receiving such large sums of money, Florida Governor Rick Scott shared his gratitude on Twitter. 

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